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RMS 600 Case study

RMS 600 Case study

The purpose of this final case assignment is to introduce you to some basic functions of the IBM-SPSS Statistics analytical software (SPSS). We will use an Excel data set  to practice importing data from Excel to SPSS, and computations of some basic descriptive statistics.

RMS 600 Case study

Case Assignment

Using the data set provided;

  1. Import the Excel data into SPSS and make any necessary adjustments
  2. Conduct a descriptive analysis of the data. At minimum: means and standard deviations
  3. Provide a table or the results in APA format
  4. Produce at least one graph using SPSS
  5. Report you results in a 2-3 page essay. Be sure to include your table and graph in the essay.

**Please email your SPSS output file to me as part of the assignment.

RMS 600 Case study

Assignment Expectations

Does your work demonstrate a clear and accurate understanding of each of the following concepts:

  • Ability to import data into SPSS from MS Excel
  • Ability to conduct a descriptive analysis in SPSS
  • Ability to create tables and graphs using SPSS
  • Ability to communicate your findings in writing


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