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Application Project Instructions MATH 2411-001 Fall 2018

Application Project Instructions MATH 2411-001 Fall 2018 1. The Calculus Application Project accounts for 5% of your final grade. (That means that this single
assignment is worth half as much as all of your MyMathLab homework assignments combined.)
2. You may work together in a team of up to three people for this project. That is, you may work alone,
with one other person, or with two other people (from our class). You may not consult people outside of
your team except for me, the instructor. If you wish to use external resources such as other books or the
internet, you must request my permission first.
3. Choose one (1) of the guided projects from the six choices provided in the project packet (available on
Canvas) to complete as a team. There are several options, so choose whatever interests you most. (Make
sure to read through the entirety of your project before you begin, though! For example, Project #32
requires that you write a short program.) On your project submission, clearly indicate which project
number and topic you chose.

Application Project Instructions MATH 2411-001 Fall 2018
4. Your final project submission MUST be typed. One of the goals of the project is to have you start working
with mathematical typesetting. The equation editor in Microsoft Word or Open Office is sufficient. If
you are pursuing a career in science, then a possibly beneficial option is to use LATEX (the documentation
preparation system that I use). If you are interested in using LATEX, then ask me more about this.
5. Your project should include any graphs, tables, charts or programming code with appropriate labels,
titles and scales. Presentation is important, so make sure anything you put in your project report looks

Application Project Instructions MATH 2411-001 Fall 2018
6. Only one project should be submitted for each team, and should be submitted by email as a PDF to me,
the instructor. I will reply to your email when I receive your project. The names of each team member
should be listed at the top of the first page.
7. Projects are due by 11:00pm on Friday, 30 November 2018. Extension requests will be considered, but
only when made at least 24 hours before the deadline.

Application Project Instructions MATH 2411-001 Fall 2018
8. The project will be graded for its mathematical accuracy and correctness (10 points), but also its readability, grammar/punctuation and overall form and style (10 points). Each team may submit up to one
early draft for my feedback, if you wish. Early drafts must be submitted at least 120 hours (five days)
before the submission deadline, and I plan to return feedback on Wednesday, 28 November 2018.
9. I strongly advise you to start early. If you delay starting until the day of the deadline, then you will not
be able to finish a good project

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