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Bonus marketing assignment

Bonus marketing assignment Dear Student
This is an individual assignment. It will be used as a bonus assignment to upgrade your
marks in the course assessments.
Total points: 8
Part 1
1. Write the Business positioning of any three companies. Follow the format as
given on the positioning slide in the chapter 7. (2 points)

Bonus marketing assignment
Part 2
1. Choose any one company out of the three companies for which you have written
the positioning statements. (2 points)
2. Give a picture/map of the important product lines (line width, line length, line mix
etc.) of the businesses of the company. (2 points)

Bonus marketing assignment
Part 3
1. Write a short note on the brand development strategy of the company regarding the product line
that you have chosen to create a map in part 2. (2 points)

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