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Business Statement of Requirements Essay

Business Statement of Requirements Essay 1.0 – Design Intent
The objective of this project is to design a new plant to produce 20,000 tonnes per year
(20ktpa) of fatty amides from the feedstock of your choice. The fatty amides will be produced
to supply the European market. The process design should meet the following general
 It is the company’s policy that its operations should not result in harm to people or the
environment. The design must ensure that health, safety and environmental (HSE)
risks are as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP) and meet all current and
reasonably foreseeable safety and environmental legislation.
 The process should be efficient in terms of raw materials and energy usage,
including the recovery for sale or reprocessing of any by-products.
 The process control scheme should ensure that the plant normally operates under
full automatic control and provide sufficient information for its performance to be
monitored and optimised.

Business Statement of Requirements Essay
2.0 – Background
Fatty amides are substances with long carbon chains and amide functional groups within the
molecule. Commercially available fatty amides generally have carbon chain lengths between
C16 and C22. The main application for fatty amides is to impart ‘slip’ or ‘anti-block’
properties on polymers. Molecules of fatty amides migrate to the surface of polymers, where
they form a layer to decrease friction between two layers. The carbon chains within fatty
amides have varying levels of saturation (double bonds); this affects the slip properties of the
molecule, and also the stability towards oxidation and degradation of the fatty amide.

Business Statement of Requirements Essay
3.0 – Process and Product Considerations
3.1 – Process Design
Consideration may be given to the following aspects of the production process:
 Refinement of the raw material from the selected feedstock.
 Reaction of the refined material to produce the fatty amide.
 Refinement of the crude fatty amide product.
 The finished form of the refined fatty amide product (this should be a physical form
which can be handled by customers).
Attention should be given to the sustainability of the chosen design. Minimisation of
production steps and Process Safety Risks, and consideration of new technologies are
advantageous attributes to the design.

Business Statement of Requirements Essay
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3.2 – Plant Onstream Availability and Debottlenecking Allowance
The plant should be designed on the basis of 8000 hours of operation per year. Major
equipment which would be difficult or expensive to replace (distillation columns, large
vessels or tanks, etc.) should have a 20% overdesign capacity to allow for future

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