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Juvenile Justice system Essay

Juvenile Justice system Essay For this paper you are required to use 7-10 peer reviewed sources. The paper should be more than 7 pages not including reference page, and follow APA format.

As a policy expert, you have been asked to consult to the newly appointed Commissioner of the Juvenile Justice system. You should provide feedback with the goal of reducing crime and recidivism. Remember you should implement changes that are well tested by the research (with references) and you should take a developmental perspective that addresses issues relevant to adolescence.

Juvenile Justice system Essay


  1. The case has been made that residential facilities and prisons are generally ineffective. Which children should be diverted from prison and why? Where should they be diverted to? Which children, if at all, should be incapacitated? If so, in what type of facility should they be housed. Cite within text and include references
  2. Top problems in the area of juvenile justice include:
  • How to create improved legal defense for low-income youth
  • Mental health needs

Juvenile Justice system Essay

For this question provide statistics to demonstrate the severity of the problem, current practices that work or do not work and recommendations to address each problem. Cite within text and include references.


The practices include:

  1. Evidence based practices
  2. Cognitive behavioral therapy
  3. Dialectical behavior therapy
  4. Aggressive replacement therapy
  5. Trauma informed care
  6. Motivational interviewing

Juvenile Justice system Essay

Also include:

  1. Functional Family Therapy
  2. Multi-Systemic Therapy
  3. Family Strengthening
  4. Building the capacity of community-based services

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